A pop band covers video I shot/cut

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Here is something I've been up to, towards the end of last year; it's a new video I shot and edited for a Leeds based event and function band called Os Bandidos

They are a 4 piece - as you will see - who play old timey war-era songs in an upbeat and charming way.

This particular song is called 'Bei Mir Bist Du Schön' which was made popular (and became a worldwide smash hit) by The Andrews Sisters in November 1937.

This bands' sound and style is brilliantly unusual (for an event covers band) which make them unlike any other band I've worked with, which I would consider high praise.
They have a found a niche and are acing it.

We filmed this session in early December 2019, and had the finished video edited before Christmas time.

The band are currently promoting local shows with this and other videos, in an effort to reach out to a wider audience for their event/function band work.


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I like it
Mucic pop is the best
Thanks you for sharing

they sound like a lot of fun :)

Man d.tube is not working AT ALL for me today, as in the link goes to a blank page that doesn't even have a video player! I had to find the video on the band's facebook page to watch it. Hopefully d.tube is working better for other people, but I seem to have terrible luck with dtube in general. I am gonna leave the link to the video on facebook in case other readers have same issue as me. The video is great! Very clean, super smooth edits - nothing fancy in conception, but the execution is top notch :) Cheers

Also just to show you what d.tube is doing for me today... this is the page your link goes to. Not even a video player on the screen! :( Uggghhhhh


Man that sucks. Not sure whats going on.
DTube have been so quiet since launch of the testnet/coin. Hope they’re not imploding!

Cheers for the comments on the video - yeah it’s no frills but hopefully does the trick of looking professional for their potential clients :)

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