"Simple Things" - Barry Samways

3년 전

Simple Things" - Barry Samways

Original Song By Barry Samways

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Turn it up zone out feel the bass
take a hit kick it back to a slower pace

It’s the simple things always put a smile on your face
Don’t be blinded by illusions meant to keep you in a rat race

authentic ever since day one
Found myself off path guess I’ll have to pave one
Turned into the road to riches
Now I’m prayin that I don’t slip
Cookin in them kitchens
Till I make it
Can’t even sleep or sit still
24/7 working on my skills
This desire to create something great is innate
Everything I do is fate
I don’t know why it just seems right
inspired by the realest nights
This appetite for a wild life
Brought my art to whole new heights
Ya can’t stop this
Doin what I love feein good
Preachin ignorance is bliss
Couple shots wit the cuz talkin shit
while we reminisce

Never stayed in one spot to long
Next year I might be gone
Fuck it have a little fun
How could this be wrong put my soul into song feelin like I already won

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