🐠 How to Earn Passive Income on Steemit With MinnowBooster! 🌴Hawaii DTube VLOG #4

2년 전

Aloha again Steemians/DTubers!! MinnowBooster is an amazing tool on steemit and besides being an awesome resource for promoting your own posts, why not help others promote theirs while earning some residual income! In this video, I talk about how to (very easily, within a few minutes) start selling your vote to MinnowBooster to start earning some passive income. Click the image above to watch the video and learn how to earn residual income on steemit with MinnowBooster!

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Awesome tip, I have heard about minnowbooster before but I wasn't aware of how it worked exactly so thanks for showing us!

  ·  2년 전

Mahalo! Man, I miss Kailua.


Kailua on Oahu or Kailua Kona on the Big Island? Both are pretty awesome!

That's awesome, thanks for the PR, I will keep this link I reckon we should do a page for customer reviews on our site.


My pleasure. I love @minnowbooster and definitely appreciate what your team is doing. Use this however you'd like. I'd be happy to do a separate testimonial too if you'd like. Thanks again!


Cool will call on you when needed!

Yes you are right minowbooster is amazing tool. Userbase is big and selling vote will help us to earn extra buck.

Well I think I'm not really a fans of minnowbooster but this is really helpful

why does it say "current voting power 0 "


That's more a question for @minnowbooster. Bids are still going through, so maybe just a website glitch...


There were some issues with the script that gathers the voting power. We fixed that now :)