Celebrating a Beautiful Sunset 🌅 and Reaching a Major Steemit Milestone! 🌴Hawaii DTube Vlog #6

2년 전

Tonight I caught an unbelievably beautiful sunset here in Hawaii that I wanted to share here on DTube with my fellow Steemians. Click the image above to watch the video.

Also, today was a major Steemit milestone for me after nearly 3 months on the platform... I reached 1000 Steem Power (SP)! Oh, right and I have a new toy to play with! 😀

As always, mahalo for watching. If you liked this video, please upvote, resteem and comment below. What are your Steem Power goals for the short- and long-term?

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Congrats on 1000 SP and the new camera! I don't know if you surf but if you do take that camera with you!


Thanks, brother! I am definitely going to be hitting the waves 🏄‍♂️



Congrats on 1000!