Found Some Treasure ☠️ 🐚 Snorkeling Today! 🌴Hawaii DTube VLOG #8

2년 전

It's aloha Friday here on the Big Island and I'm excited to share with you what I found snorkeling today! Click the image above to watch the video.

Besides that, I sold all of my Facebook stock and am moving the money into crypto! Pretty excited about that too ☺️

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Great video, just wonder do you freedive because I am so into it the underwater world is amazing, you should know don't have to tell you how amazing it is!


Thanks! I scuba dive and snorkel, I don't have the lungs for freediving ;)

Hawaii is haunting me it seems. My dad just got back from a month vacation there and couldn't keep himself from sending me multiple images per day, while I sit in the fucking cold germany with a hurricane that prevented my girlfriend from coming home this weekend :/