Znap PICK-A-PROMPT Contest: WHAT WOULD YOU NAME YOUR STAR? - suggest a prompt and win 3 SBI! - winning prompt will be used on Friday's Half Hour Songwrite Challenge - a Dtube exclusive!

11개월 전

Welcome to Pick-a-Prompt, the contest where there is no answer too weird!

What we want to know today is:

If you somehow happened to discover a heretofore unknown celestial body (star, planet, black hole, nebula, galaxy...), what weird and unexpected name would you bestow upon it? Would you name it after yourself? A loved one? A philosophical concept, psychological state, or emotion? A favorite book? Animal? Flower? Food? Cartoon character?

Think carefully. This celestial body is going to be known by the name YOU give it in perpetuity... kind of a big decision!

And you only have about 20 hours... so hurry! The winning prompt receives 3 Steem Basic Income shares :)

Contest rules:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Suggest a prompt in the comments below.
  3. You can suggest the same prompt as many times as you like (as long as it fits with the day's theme).
  4. Each Pick-a-Prompt Contest lasts for only one day.
  5. There are 5 Pick-a-Prompt contests each week.

It's that easy! The winning prompt gets 3 SBI :)

A heartfelt thanks to all who have suggested prompts so far (you guys are awesome and the prompts are always so entertaining to read!). Congratulations to @fitinfun, who won Monday's contest with "CHEMICAL ADDITIVES"! 3 SBI are on the way :)

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image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/planet-moon-nature-spherical-3151724/

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my star name will be "my glory"


:D awesome I like that one!


Congratulations @cityofstars! You won the contest :) 3 SBI on the way!


good news for me thank you :)

I would name it after my sisters: Brunella-Fiorenza-Nebula

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Lol I love it :D See reaction in vid...


My siblings:
Antonio Edward Bruni
Fiorenza Anna Bruni
Brunellas Linda Bruni
Edward Raymond Bruni Jr.
Italians didn't name their first born junior back then, so I got it.

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Ah! That makes sense :) Big family!

Hi @bennettitalia,

My star name is "Crabsabusa Barbecue Nebula".......


This made me crack up pretty hard (see vid lol)

My star would be named Twinkie lol

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Lolo that's awesome! Eternal shelf life...

i name my star after my wife. i'll call it "myong".
she's a vicious life sucking bitch from which there's no escape.


Ouch! ...and LMAO XD


I've never known what a seersucker suit was. I imagine it's shiny. After the star is named Seersucker, I'll be able to say, "oh, sure a Seersucker suit. Like the star." And it will seem like I know what seersucker is.

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I am so down with this plan. I don't know what seersucker means either. Maybe a lollypop that turns you into a fortune teller?


That must be it.

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