HALF HOUR SONGWRITE - 1/18/19 - LIKE FLYING - A Surprise Suspension for @dmilliz's Pick-a-Prompt: HOW WILL IT ALL END? - a Dtube exclusive

11개월 전

It's a psychic selection for the HALF HOUR SONGWRITE CHALLENGE!

Tonight's prompt comes from @dmilliz, who entered it in yesterday's Pick-a-Prompt contest WHAT AM I THINKING (WHEN I DO THIS)? Congratulations @dmilliz! 3 Steem Basic Income shares coming your way :)

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who submitted prompts! You guys rock epically :)

HALF HOUR SONGWRITE CHALLENGE is an ongoing daily Dtube vlog. Each day I challenge myself to write a song in 30 minutes, using a one word prompt provided by a random word generator (https://wordcounter.net/random-word-generator), by viewer suggestion through a "Pick-a-Prompt" contest, or by @mariannewest's daily freewrite on the Steem blockchain.

If you have a prompt that you'd like to see me try, enter it in the current "Pick-a-Prompt" contest (posted 5 days a week on my Steemit and Dtube blogs). If I use your prompt I will send you 5 SBI as a thank you!

On Sunday I'll be finishing one song from this week's Half Hour Songwrite Challenge, and posting the completed version. But on SATURDAY you, the viewers, get to decide which one! Saturday's video will feature numbered clips of each of the song fragments composed this week, and you get to vote for the one you'd most like to see made into a finished song. So be sure to tune in on Saturday and vote!

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I am so impressed with you!!!

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:D thanks Marianne!

lol people can be fucked up

but awesome song as usual!
kinda reminds me of adam sandler and the wedding singer ㅇ_ㅇ


Hahaha it does remind me of Adam Sandler in the wedding singer com to think of it lol

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:D Thanks man! I'll have to go back and revisit that movie lol

It’s got good potential! I like the fact that it’s a about a dream! I made sure to choose a prompt that could be turned into a snob kinda easily and you did look like you were thinking “ how will it all end”.
Man you really found a great niche here , I need to do this even weekly!

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Yes! Those comedy sketches are priceless lol. Just checking out the latest one :D

Glad you liked the songwrite:) I think it needs work but could be really good with the right arrangement and ending

always here for you brother
please get ready for our big contest


Same. And yes! Will work on it my friend :)


awesome :)
looking forward

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