Mobile Legends 5 vs 5 KAJA (Fighter/Support) Enemy feeds and caused to Surrender.

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Good day Dtubers welcome back to my another video of gaming.

Today i use Kaja hero, Kaja is a (Fighter/Support)


First Skill: Ring of Order

Kaja releases a ring of electricity that rapidly expands until reaching its limit and then returns to his body.This damage gradually increases over time.

*Second Skill: Gale Force *

With this skill, Kaja will make a quick dash. In case you hit an ally you will provide him with a small shield and instantly Kaja will make another dash

Special Skill: Divine Judgement

Kaja disables and pulls in an enemy hero for 2 seconds.By targeting enemy it will stunned and you can drag him wherever you want

Passive: Eye Of The Storm

Kaja gains 50% movement speed when attacked by enemy heroes and can be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Thank you for watching my game,Hope you enjoy it.

βien Gaming.

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Kaja is really good in team battle. No wonder it is listed to the ban heroes is draft pick.


Indeed friend,i kaja is to difficult to kill,and it has a big deal damage.

thanks for dropping by.