In Vietnam BTC Is banned but these honey badgers always find a way (r/Bitcoin #282)

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10: Kleiman v Craig Wright: The bitcoins that never were

9: Today I learnt that German startup company spot9's CEO Johannes Gorski is sending lawyers and financial regulators after people who deploy Bitcoin ATMs in Germany in order to get competition out of the way. As if German Bitcoiners were not harassed enough by their government already.

8: Bitcoin because fuck banks

7: Daily Discussion, August 27, 2019

6: “The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials” - it’s not to late to get some Bitcoin however!

5: In Vietnam BTC Is banned but these honey badgers always find a way

4: Graph of Anon's bull run prediction

3: Early confidence.

2: Craig Wright in Rwanda 2018 : Ive got more money than your country. 2019: Ive got more debt than your country.

1: @halfin

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