Lolli CEO Alex Adelman featured on CNN (r/Bitcoin #294)


10: Breez now takes Credit Card for BTC direct to Lightning Wallet

9: Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #63

8: Lolli CEO Alex Adelman featured on CNN's First Move with Julia Chatterley

7: “Bitcoin is a mechanism to efficiently convert energy into financial reliability” - interview with Tuur Demeester

6: Built a twitter bot that predict bitcoin’s price direction for every 10 minute candle and retweet interesting stuff And does it well

5: 'Never Use Bitpay' - Hong Kong Free Press Slams Bitcoin Donation Block

4: BitPay Criticized By Hong Kong Free Press For Freezing Bitcoin Payments

3: BitPay makes yet another blunder by suspending fund transfers to Hong Kong Free Press. Not the first time they have done such a thing. Here is a list of alternatives to BitPay.

2: When the left tackle of the LA Chargers changes his twitter handle to "Pay Me In Bitcoin", did we make it?

1: Bitcoin donations to Hong Kong Free Press suspended by Bitpay

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