BTC going short & SMT is still on track !


Looks like BTC took a little dump and its down by 6.5% from yesterday. I guess its because of a pullback which is much talked about all over the place. Personally I think its a good pullback however I still think that its just momentary and would be shooting up once more.

Things happening on the Steem blockchain

@roelandp just released a new update of the Steem wallet. With keychain support. Hopefully, there would more mobile apps / games which would come out to support this so we can actually use it more.

SMT is coming !!!

Looks like the devs at Steem Inc are working hard in completing SMTs. What was once just talk seems like its actually going to be closer to reality. Here is their update

Its great to hear that the team is on track with SMT and even though there is no date set yet, however it does look more positive at this point of time.

Have a great week !

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It is cool for the STM; they rush because of the success of Steem-Engine.


that could be just one of the factors however 2 years delay ... its pretty much about time i guess

At least we don't have to wait till 2050.... 🙈

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lolz ! the world would be a very different place by then

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