Have you tried out the new beneficiary feature on steemit ?

26일 전

Altcoins seems to be on the rise these past few days ... well .. the top 20 coins based on its market cap though. BTC after a quick dip seems to be trading sideways once more. STEEM however is recovering and it would be great to go even higher against the BTC.

Talking about STEEM, have you tried out the new beneficiary feature ? Here is the post ..


Do check it out ... hey its a Friday !! If you are in Kuala Lumpur ... stay hydrated and stay indoors as the haze i just getting worst. Cheers and have a great Friday !

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This is great 😃😃👌
I didn’t know about this so thank you for posting👍

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Cheers.. Have to know that the payout comes in Steem power and not liquid steem for beneficiaries

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I have not used steemit to post in a year now and stopped using it entirely a couple of months ago. The dApps I use for posting pay in upvotes when I use them and I use steempeak for admin type stuff. I'm pretty sure I will not be going back to steemit at all.


With so many new dapp's out for Steem, I'm not surprise as Steemit. Com is not user friendly at all

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I just did a dPoll about this on my other blog - few are still using steemit to post of those who replied.