The Rise of the Crypto 2019 ... but WHY ?????

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Here are my views as to what is happening to the crypto markets over the past few days. Have you been catching up with the news as to update every few minutes ?

I'm using this app to keep updated ... try downloading it if you want. Its called COINNESS here is the download link Its seriously a pretty brilliant app in my own opinion.

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A big reason for the jump in crypto markets is the Facebook has substantially relaxed its ban on Crypto related advertising. This was announced on May 8 and the market is up about 35%.
When it introduced its Ad Ban the market fell 53% in a week!

Steemians can join the Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook (and Google) by simply sending an encrypted Steem memo to @jpbliberty saying "Join Crypto Class Action. My [email/Telegram/Skype] is [xxx]"


oh wow ... thanks for the info on the FB ... need to dig up that news. Also spreading your links around my chat groups to gain more traction. Cheers buddy


Thanks. People that are into crypto but don’t have a Steem account can sign up at

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Things are looking up for sure. I've a feeling that alts will stay relatively static for now while BTC is pumping... but ya better believe at some point all those whales who sold at the 2017 peak will diversify into alts. The amount of development thats happened on steem, hopefully, stands it in good stead for a pretty hefty rise 🙂

I'm so glad I timed what I've think was the bottom as I bought around a 1000 steem at $0.25 and then another 1000 at $0.32.

It's awesome to think I might be able to pay for coffee and cake for my family in Starbucks with steem earnings soon!


haha ... actually i've been paying Starbucks coffee with my Crypto Debit card from way back but that was crypto convert to fiat in the debit card then make payment. I wonder how this new payment method would be like ... if its gonna be in BTC then imagine the wait time for confirmation


if its gonna be in BTC then imagine the wait time for confirmation

Ha ha, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe it's a clever marketing ploy... by the time the transaction has gone through you've drank your coffee and need to buy a new one 😅😉

I've seen crypto debit cards but I don't want to pay the transaction fees. Mind you, I'd have to pay coinbase to get my crypto out into fiat anyway. Tbh, I see crypto as a potential retirement plan so I'm holding for the long term unless I decide to go digital nomad in which case I might have to spend some. The dream is to travel from steem earnings... but we need to see a big price rise for that to happen 😂

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so its official we are in bull market?


Looks like it. But there would be several dips which I'm expecting.. About 7.5k but that's just me.

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