Steemit getting aquired ??? And checkout Elevator Pitch Contest


Looks like Crypto is on a downtrend overall about 1-2%, however, STEEM had a surprising pump with some unconfirmed news. The news was about TRON is looking at aquiring !! Whatt ????? Here was just one of the many articles on this.

and another

Again this is unconfirmed news however, lets see what happens ... I'm almost certain that Tron will not be able to buy the steem blockchain as its fully decentralized however for ?? Well ... let's see if there is any responds from Steemit Inc as this could just be one big fake news.

On The STEEM Blockchain however, checkout this new contest to create an elevator pitch organized by @stoodkev

Do check it out and join in the contest. It would be great to see how you are able to pitch the steem blockchain in an elevator pitch.

Cheers and have a brilliant day !

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Buy the Rumor


Haha!I said last year that Justin should buy out Steemit, haventvread articles yet but will now, thanks!

If it is true then it is a good news @bitrocker2020 because steem might pump often in my opinion.


news for the pump yea .. but overall it would devalue steem i personally think

Thanks for the shootout, hope you will participate!
Regarding TRON, let s wait and see, its not much more than a rumor for now.


exactly .. another marketing play by Justin i guess

I hope not. They will destroy the Steemit, inc culture.


Dont worry about it, its just a rumor and i dont think it will ever happen, justin is a scammer in china.

steemit seems to be gaining popularity in china. I see many trending posts from chinese authors now days. This is great and not really surprising since Chinese are blocked from facebook yet love social media. How much money does justin sun have tho my god. If true ill invest more into steemit since i'll know that its less likely to die a death due to lack of funding which is my biggest concern. I also truely believe Ned does not care what happens as he has already made his money.

Hello dear friend @bitrocker2020

We cannot ignore that in China there is a great restriction of freedoms, especially that of expression. So what would happen with the freedom to write about what we want if new referees with new rules take over the game? We would no longer be talking about a "downvote" that would launch your publication into a well, but if this acquisition (Tron) were completed, we could have censorship levels never seen before in steem. I hope all these are just rumors.

All best, Piotr.

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Tron acquiring Steemit, sounds like an interesting concept. If that is in the works, I would be interested in how integration with the Tronlink Wallet would work. Something to mull over.

It is a rumour until proven wrong...golden rule hehe

I have been checking out Steemit based on this news and to be very honest, I am not too impressed by Steemit yet. Maybe I need to do some more wondering around. Anyone some tips on what I am missing here?


Yes, steemit is only one application built on the steem blockchain, there are many dapps being built on the steem blockchain. Steemmonsters is another dapp built on steem, the biggest and most successful blockchain game in the world.

Funny if nothing else. I’d be pretty shocked but you never know

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thanks for the post this is hot news! exciting