[Dtube Test #2] What is OmiseGo (OMG) in a Nutshell

4년 전

Watch [Dtube Test #2] What is OmiseGo (OMG) in a Nutshell video on DTube

This is another video test for the Dtube Platform. Sorry for the repost! Tell me if the video lags!
OmiseGo is a decentralized exchange and wallet blockchain focused on banking for the unbanked.
0:23 Who is behind Omise
1:35 What is OmiseGo
3:25 Examples of use
5:43 Omise Go (OMG) Token
6:02 Current State of Omise Go

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People need to give omisego's team's plan more respect. One of the only ico's out there that i think is doing what is best for the ecosystem.

Great explanation... and DTube worked great for me

I love the explanation of the project and the fact that you're starting to use dtube! a decentralized Youtube is like a dream. @Thanks for sharing @boxmining ;)

I find DTube has a major lag on all the videos I have watched

alot of problems with dtube videos still in beta

What an amazing time to be alive!

Thanks for the detailed explanation on omisego..

It have a lot of lag, but it depends on the video and all the thing it envolves like format and quality I guess, I've realized that you can change the gateway on the IPFS setting and it'll work for some videos, I don't know what it means and what it does, i'm not a programer or developer, I think it will be really helpfull for users and steemit itself if someone can explain all of that stuff in an understandable way.

Fyi For some reason i was not able to watch the video on dtube, when clicking it just dont start playing on my Ipad. Thanks for the test, keep on. I like the dtube. Thanks!

no able to watch the video on dtube

If they can fix the lag and delays, D-Tube is going to be huge.. Seems like every Youtuber that finds out, at least gives it a try!

i guess everyone must see this also---

Hey dude, I just upgraded 30MH to my Ether hashrate using your code. I'm now at 35MH. I noticed the BTC contracts were removed. Maybe sold out? Anyways thanks for all the great info! Here is my code I1aQeV

Great info video Michael! Like some other viewers here, I also experienced lag on this video compared to some other dtube videos. I really do feel like I'm thrown back in the days when youtube was in its infancy. I wonder if would help if you compress down the video quality/bitrate. Dtube does not have options to scale down the video quality according to the user's bandwidth like youtube does. But since your videos have a lot of static slides, you can get away with a lot of video compression without reducing the apparent quality, depending on the encoder.

First test and this one have major buffering issues for me. Will test again when I am at home to see if lagg also occurs on high speed internet connection


Ok watched again at home, here are my conclusions:

  • 5MB/s internet was impossible to watch due to buffering/lagg issues
    -90MB/s the video was watchable with only lagging 4 times.

Michael, I saw you on you tube on content curating as I am new. Also saw you on dtube testing which I did today too. Just followed you. This is my first week so the dashboard seems to look different from others, is it true?