Vegans Can Now Have Dairy Cheese?!

2년 전

In this fifth episode of the World Vegan News we dive into everything that has happened in the last few weeks in the vegan world! If this video is interesting for you, make sure to give it a thumbs up!

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i'm about that cashews life.

I seems waited for this. I really enjoy watching it. Watched till the end to see you outside talking to people, that was my favorite part in the previous video, I hope you will make it in the next one. #dtubechallenge


We were also curious to see some more field work. Regardless fantastic reporting Brian!

Hey man, glad to see you posting on steem again. I'm a fellow vegan and have been following you on YouTube for a while, I love your World Vegan News series!
I'm not sure if you've heard of it yet or not but there's a #vegansofsteemit group on here that you might be interested in checking out. If you connect with them and use their tag it might help bring a few more eyes and some more attention to your vegan posts. (I can grab you a link to their discord or talk to them for you if you're interested, lemme know!) Cheers and peace!

Brock Lee = Broccoli
Gratitude for your news

Brock Lee = Broccoli
Gratitude for your news

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