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I love seeing YouTubers read their comment section and I haven't made a video like this in a really long time so today I figured I'd go through my top comments and the general comment section. It gets pretty ridiculous, I hope you guys enjoy it!

All music/sound effects used under a commercial license provided by Epidemic Sound & Audio Micro.

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Hey man! Nice and entertaining video! We would love to support you if you are open to link your DTube profile in the channel description on YouTube. We support awesome creators like you when we have a proof of their identity. When you did it, just give us a note here :) thanks!


Hey dtube! You know I love you guys so I absolutely will do this moving forward! I don't want to edit the description of the video now that it's live as it will reset the meta-data and cause it to be re-ranked and lose its original views/view length that effects the algorithm.

tl;dr: I will add a dtube link in my description from this point moving forward, thanks!