Does THIS Cause Acne? | Spicy Foods, Rice & More! (Ep. 6)

2년 전

0:26 - Sweating all day at work?
1:22 - Does soap cause acne?
2:36 - Vinegar?
4:08 - Do fats cause acne? Which are good?
6:05 - White or brown rice?
6:57 - Going to bed late cause acne?
8:49 - Spicy foods?

I answer the latest question in "Does THIS Cause Acne?" and I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to ask questions for the next episode!

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OMG! That's too much acne!!
Rice and spicy curry is my base meal and I have a flowless skin. :) And,yeah I sometimes use body soap on my face during shower.
I think we all have different skin types as you said. But I will note your advice. :)

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