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I figure with Dtube and Steem being largely about making some extra money I figured this would be really interesting.
How much money do youtubers make and how? That's a question I hear all the time and today I want to address exactly HOW I make money and exactly what I do with that money to secure my future more and more each month that goes by!

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Those are really great tips and great video. Thanks a lot for sharing this. ☺

This was a real great Video Brian, your words are on point and you point at important things, great advices, and also great information about how can a person make money through all these apps online, and it is also good to know that there is someone who is facing the same situation, like when you said people telling you: go find a job, while you have your job and they don't understand.

also it is good to see you are still on Steemit, because I have seen many people left here. I think you can also post about Steem and tell people about here to let them know that they can join and start here. and it will also be a benefit for all of us as you are a youtuber with much viewers :)

awesome man! :D \m/


Yah it sucks that some people have left and while I have been less active I never want to leave,I love steemit!

Being a landlord is a you like fixing thing other people break...or waiting another month just to have them disappear. Good luck.


Interesting perspective on this for sure. I think having a property manager or investing in real estate fractional funds would work well instead

Good stuff bro, chase the dream!