This Is Why People Don't Go Vegan...

2년 전

I like to look at veganism like a market that is exponentially gaining adoption and it's fun for me to see what the barriers to faster adoption is. I think this is not only fun but also really useful as we should be aware of the things that are standing in the way of more people becoming vegan! It's a fun and interesting thing to do! What are your thoughts if you have any?

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I think part of the issue is still mainstream adoption. I know you mentioned a few places that provide vegan options that are quick and convenient but I'm not sure that's the case out side of the US. In the UK there is still work to be done in getting the big supermarket brands to get more proteins, soya products, tempeh etc onto their shelves and this doesn't help with the idea of it being 'difficult'to become vegan. It's also fairly common here to go to a restaurant and they have very few if any vegan options. Vegetarianism is widely adopted but I think we still have some work to do globally though. Great video though, Like you said the more we discuss the subject of veganism in an open and approachable way the more we aid adoption.