How to play 'Gymnopedie No.1' by Satie | Piano Keyboards Tutorial

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Watch How to play 'Gymnopedie No.1' by Satie | Piano Keyboards Tutorial video on DTube

Gymnopedie No.1 by Erik Satie

Transcribed and arranged by @brogue for piano and keyboards.
Intermediate level piano lesson.

Screen layout is in thirds.
Top - Piano sheet music / score. Only the very top notes (melody line) are played by the right hand.
The left hand plays both the bass notes followed by a chord falling on beat 2 on each bar.

This can be seen by watching the color coded notes for each hand in the mid third and bottom third as they strike the keyboard.

A piece for your repertoire for life. This piece is instantly known the world over wherever it is performed.

I will be posting a follow up to this video from a live performance of this piece.

May have to repost a lot of stuff to DTube as seems to be "offline" completely the last couple of days.
Does anyone know what has happened with Viewly? I have checked other posts and accounts, so know it isn't just happening to me.

Please check out my other piano performance and tutorial video posts and be sure to bookmark @brogue so you won't miss any future free lessons.

Comments, suggestions, and feedback always welcomed.


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I love this piece. Thanks


You are very welcome :)