People wanna know: "Broncnutz how did you accumulate all that Steem Power?"

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A few of my followers have asked me to make this video but last night @steemmatt got me do actually do it. I just want to share with you some of the things I have done to achieve some success here on Steemit and a few tips on things that I think you could try to fatten up your Steem Wallet.

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Greetings @broncnutz,


All the best to you.


First off, you have my sincere thanks for your time and consideration with this generous gesture.

This not only helps me, but it'll enlighten plenty of others who are striving for the same. With my luck here, I should start rolling on Magic Dice.

I chose to ask you about this because you're approachable, authentic, and self-made. Your knowledge comes from first-hand experience and you clearly strive to share it with others instead of keeping it for yourself. You don't need to, but you stay in the trenches. You just reinforced all of this in spades.

I felt like I was in another dimension watching this. I appreciate the respect you showed with your understanding, tone and overall message. You logically talked through your risks, and some sensitive and personal points with complete transparency, while offering helpful constructive advice. It all made perfect sense.

As for me, I come from the stubborn school of trying to earn all of my Steem, versus using fiat or my core crypto holdings to attain it. It's been a personal choice I've stuck with from early on and it's delayed my development substantially. That's the angle I come from, always feeling like I'm playing from behind in the game (self-inflicted). I appreciate the risk you took by putting a substantial amount of your capital into this blockchain, where my risk is essentially 0. That really clicked for me.

You didn't have to do any of this, but you did, and it means a lot. 99% of the 1% out there wouldn't do this. You see the bigger picture.

I also can't believe your Mother is also a percussionist and will definitely support her passion there since it's great to be heard. I can also potentially learn some skills from her, which is nice.

Thanks again,


After watching the video, came to look for your comment!

Agree with everything you said, except the Magic Dice bit. Steem is too precious to gamble away. ;)

I really appreciate how pragmatic certain players on the chain are, and it is good to see this raw, honest, and introspective stuff going on!

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Well, that really took me by surprise! Not because I didn't take you seriously, but, you are truly a much kinder, gentler soul than I realized.

I like the very humanitarian attitude toward wanting to help others grow, not by lining their pockets, although I have been rewarded with a kick butt upvote from you on a comment - but, by leading by example. Telling them how and why and where... all these points that you gave were valid, valuable pieces of easily understood information. There is nothing worse than to try to read some of the crypto articles and walk away more confused than when you started.

Laying it out for the less than educated on all things steem is helpful. I can guarantee that you helped a lot of people already. And I can see you being the benevolent guy when the time comes. If you succeed, and I succeed, we all get a share of the pie. So why shouldn't everybody be trying to help one another instead of working against each other?

Thank you for the thoughts, words and the effort put into putting this all together.

!tip worthy info


He's always been that was.


Well, you raised him right, mama! Kudos to you!



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I hardly ever comment on dtube videos but I really enjoyed your perspective. The commentary on staying in your financial lane is the sorta brutal honesty one needs to keep perspective on how to actually get there and build a following of like-minded people to vote with. I've definitely found it in the @dsound community, though I've maybe invested past many of my fellow musicians. Best some of us can hope for is that a 10k investment will matter enough to be relevant during the next bull run.

:D This made my day. I've never watched your content (or your wallet for that matter :')) since on first glance looking at your profile we seem to have nothing in common. But the beauty of this blockchain is that we are all so different yet are playing the same 'game' in a way - I mean, even though we are different, it's pretty damn spectacular we are in that super minority that is called 'crypto enthusiasts' or more specifically 'Steem bulls' - right?

Really loved watching your video, which again, was the first time I saw anything from you, and I loved your passion, your rational reasoning, and the very kind-hearted look you got over you :-)

I personally am excited for you and the fact you are achieving your goals. I'm pretty damn proud of my own (almost) 8000 Steem Power, and my personal fiat investments recently - and how much I'd want to be 'on a higher level' I'm quite certain even my 8000 SP will be significant in the future when I'm sharing it with other players.

Thanks, this was inspirational, and keep up your game - this is what decentralization is about, all being able to make our own decisions even though others might not like 'em that much :-)


This is probably just like anything else in the world a result of commitment and consistent work. Kudos to people who do not give up.

Hey @broncnutz! I loved watching the video and how you explained the bits to grow SP. In a year I've almost reached 10K sp and am really happy about it.
Always powering up has been a great opportunity for me, even if I see that your point about voting the one on the same "level" is a big hold for steem.
Let's hope the green keeps the steem up and the morale up!

Thanks for this post.
Every Steemian should or better must watch this video.
You're one of the best ambassadors of steem blockchain and I mean it. I was here earlier than you but with the same vision and plan. My resources were limited but we all doing our best.


Yeah, I'm watching it now with my jaw dropped. What a class act.

I havent figure out how to improve my reputation score...

My upvotes only give 0.004 at best.. so giving these kinds of upvotes to newbies doesnt stir their hearts ! I will need to at least get to 1 to 3 cts

Peoples invest money in steemit. Steemit is a trusted and secure platform. Steemit community is very good and kindness. Hopefully good days are coming and steem price going up. Thanks for sharing this great way. @broncnutz.

@broncnutz I am Grateful to call you a STEEMIT Friend. You have Always Been Kind to me since I have been Here. Thank You for Taking the time. I just wanted to Update my Comment and Tell you I just got Done Watching the Entire Video and Fantastic Advice for all Steemians............

Some people put out great content, but they do not interact with there audience. This holds them back from growing as fast as they could.

cool story bro, god bless you for all the work you did last night.

Good video, I think you can take a lot out of it.

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sometimes I collect the power of Steem by writing content well, and keep trying to stay good, in order to get steem's strength

These both new newbie and steemi user should watch this video. There was actually a time i felt like leaving steemit but my passion keeps me than my intention

Thanks for always motivating us to do best and giving new ways :D

Good reflections and honest advice @broncnutz. :)

And by the way, the first part of your video about long term goals, retirement plans & 401Ks reminds me that you must put a peeled eye on intermediaries & financial advisors all the time to have them at bay every second of your working life. };)

Yep! in the meantime, seeding and making good relationships, cultivating them in a healthy way and gently gathering the fruits of mutual work squeezing the juice of each other job with justice and solidarity together, seems like the biggest challenge for everyone survival.

Cheers!! :)

Sage advice! Congratulations on hitting 75 reputation!

Good advice.
Thanks for sharing.
Resteemed :-)

Muy interesante mi amigo! saludos desde Venezuela!

It is all about consistency and also by investing in this great platform and by powering up you steem. It is a long term goal but at the end it worth the time and investment. You have really done well on the platform and you are also a great friend @broncnutz

Man I wish I had found you long ago! Great Vid and BTW when it comes to Trump I can dig him! haha

Very interesting video. I loved your honesty and your willingness to change your thinking on ideas such as self upvoting.

Hey so first nice to meet you! My name is Jonathan and we are hosting the first ever canna steem fest june 22nd. Hit us up in Discord.

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All money and it's derivatives are schemes to extract wealth from those who really have it, those that work, and funnels it in to those who have none. It's always been that way and always will be that way. That is why money itself is worth virtually nothing outside the system it was created in. The money game is a cancer on humanity that ultimately will destroy us all. It allows those who are willing to screw society to make they most and puts far too much power in their hands in which they are incapable of wielding it for the betterment of humanity.

ALL money games are destructive and playing them further enables the destruction forcing everyone to play it to survive. SP is just another game. There is no real work behind it, it's just a bait on a hook.

If you want to get off the money game you have two choices: Make as much as you can so it becomes irrelevant and further the destruction of humanity or work to become independent of it. The second choice is the hardest but actually most rewarding and those that have the most money want to stop you at all costs from doing so... as they need their money to be perceived as useful so they are perceived as wealthy.

Remember this: For everyone that you abuse in the money game there is 10 trying to abuse you. Those most sick with the money addiction are those most willing to abuse other people.

Those in power will create collapses, wars, diseases, new game derivatives to distract and misinform what really is going on. They need ignorant people who think the game is fair when they have all the cards. You can be one of their puppets and they will give you lots of their worthless money and you will be "happy" living in your materialism that others have to create. You will feel powerful knowing you are not the slave... But in the end you live will be meaningless and empty and all the money you made by selling out everyone else will not save you.

Learn to be self-sufficient and independent and require as little money as possible. This is extremely difficult since the elite cannot allow it to happen and will find ways to prevent you from doing so. You must be smart and dedicated to succeed. Work with others who see the illusion created as there are power in numbers.

Remember, they need you more than you need them but they will try to destroy you if they can't have their way.

The money game is a cancer on society. It is the largest of all Ponzi schemes and the biggest religion. It causes almost all crime, all social problems, all ignorance. It holds humanity back from achieving near perfection.

Don't be a victim, and remember, there is strength in numbers! True freedom starts with awareness! Be aware!

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love people who are honest. This is what one should do, its rational but it is not what will be sustainable. There is plankton without wales but no wale without plankton. An ecosystem like this dies slowly.

No one could be blamed. but we would not even vote small accounts even if we swim in money. It will not change. Even if your house is paid twice, human cant have enough money, cuz their expenses grow with their wealth. Then they need to pay their Lambo and are still cirkle jerking.