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After my nephews graduation, we head over to Myrtle Beach, SC. A little time for relaxation and renewal. Thought I'd give you a bit of a look at the beach there :)

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Wow, so beautiful. So much sand. I love sand :) . Sand is very photogenic.
PS: I was about to pull the trigger on the Osmo pocket when Osmo released that action camera that is also internally stabilised. Now I'm back to being indecisive . 😭😭


Yeah the action cam looks nice as well. So much new stuff dropping now it seems.

HOLY THAT STABILIZATION! Is that a gimbal or from production?
and I think it would loose the bzaazif you would have to live there and experience it everyday, its much more special just visiting. But, maybe you have other opinions


Osmo pocket gimbal :)

I never been there but looks like clean beautiful sea beach to spend relaxing time. City looks great... Beautiful place you have chosen for relaxation.. Did you go for swimming ?? After watching your video I am planning to spend my summer in ODESSA , Arcadia beach ...


I did do a little ocean swimming. Water was nice and warm. Beautiful weather here this week so can't complain about that :)

It blows my mind just how much of America there is to see... and how different the various locations are. Love the big ol southern houses. That shot with the wave was so good!

Have you tried those skimming board things? I'd love to give it a go, even though I've heard they're pretty amazing at injuring everyone around.

Why wouldn't you want to live there? Too touristy? Too relaxing?


I've not tried the skim boards, but after watching these young guys try it, I'm convinced I would definitely hurt myself, haha. Looks fun though. It's extremely touristy here and I think that would get old quite quickly. The beach and water is beautiful, but a ton of people here and that just isn't my thing. A fun place, however, to visit.


Totally get that... back home in Melbourne, everyone's summer holidays coincide with Christmas, and so pretty much the entire population has January off.... and so Melbourne would empty out to the beach an hour and a half away... and bring all it's traffic jams and crowds with it. It's legitimately why I always thought that working during the holidays was literally my favourite time to work... the city was so peaceful.

Nice video Cptn! I was in Myrtle Beach 15 years ago, straight after high school I went for 3 weeks to the US and staying in Wilmington for several days one party trip was going down there. Crazy times, your part of Myrtle Beach shown in the video is now more my cup of tea. As you said, great to escape for a few days.
Greetings from Barcelona

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Greetings my friend. Yes, it's a nice place to visit. A few days ago was holiday here in US and it was crazy busy. Now a bit better but still quite a few people. I hope you are well!

Relaxation -Sometimes it is important for life. You are looking very cool.

Like this and

Love this great moment.
Thanks for share with us.

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Its nice to go to beach and get relaxed. This Myrtle Beach is looking a nice and clean place. Hope you mhad great time there.

Love Myrtle. Went there as a kid often! Cool to see that osmo in action. Gives a bit of a walking bounce. But pretty damn smooth

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