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What outside things influence the decisions you make on what you create? Pencil....or pen?

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Tricky subject!

You see this a lot in the music industry... bands may take years to come up with a fully fleshed amazing album, and then another.... and then they absolutely get massive. Their music is extremely well received, and expectations are heaped on... and then the next album just isn't as good... because they don't have the years of creating in their own bubble, they have all this external pressure, like you said. The problem is, they don't have the time... they're trying to strike while the iron is hot, and they're not the same artists that they were... their experiences, and life has changed.

I'm sure it's the same for us on this platform... but on a much smaller scale. I honestly think that the only people that don't let themselves influenced externally are those artists that really only become famous posthumously.

In terms of your message, each artist has to make a decision; do you create something because you like the attention, or do you create because you like the experience. I think it's easy for us to all think we'd choose the pencil... but if that means that you suddenly get ignored again, after the attention/money you enjoyed, that's a much harder choice to make.

Great video though... I really do enjoy thinking all of this through.


I think an interesting exercise for me has been to write each day 3 things. What got me enthused today? What drained me today? What did I learn about myself today? After about 30 days, there are some interesting patterns that develop. You begin to really learn what it is that you enjoy doing.

That's what I'm doing all the time. I try to create what I like to create, but not what people want me to create. Sometimes it's really hard, because people usually don't like who is doing things not like them. But that is the key of a successful creator is to find that balance between satisfying himslef and his audience at the same time.

Sometimes I think that the solution is to create sometimes for ourselves and other times for our audiance. So, we will not waste so much time looking for that balance.


I've heard other express similar thoughts of creating one for you, one for your audience and many see success with that process. That's a good idea really.

Watched the whole video and enjoyed listening to you!

I can only talk about my philosophy of creating something.

I enjoy creating content with my smartphone, note pad and pencil. Hardly ever let anyone’s opinion affect my approach, However do listen to feedbacks and seek to improve my creativity.

Honestly I create content to add value to others and I feel joy adding value to others.


Sending you love 💕 from Japan 🇯🇵 to 🇺🇸! Thanks for sharing this wonderful content on Twitter!!!


I like that concept of focusing on adding value to others. Great philosophy.

to keep me sane :D this is probably my favourite quote about creating
Some of the videos for steem were influenced by me thinking what would community want to see, but most of them are just we should film something, and we do :D
A lot of my photography is documentary, i love capturing the feeling, and i think i enjoy most in doing that. other projects are mostly random, like we should try and do UV paints, or find someone to do a body paint, there is nothing better to do next friday :D and the point is to enjoy the process of making.


That's a great quote by the way. I agree that the most important point is enjoying the process of creating.

Just started the day with the video. While tbh what I do with my contents they are from the thoughts of mine and come to think of it I like what I am doing with the things/assets that are available to me and making them come to reality via my contents . While I would like to hear feedbacks about my contents time to time but the contents will be of my choices indeed. After all we are independent from the very beginning. It depends on how we are taking the effects of it.


I think feedback is nice to received sometimes as well. I don't think it usually influences my creative style or process, but I sometimes do wonder in the back of my mind has it had an influence on me?

I have been influenced to some degree at times , but my creativity gets a hold of me.
I do my best to make content that I like , I’m so full of ideas that I just wanna work on them. It does have it’s draw backs , there is no consistency at times , there is no one niche , I like creating various things and I hope through it all I find a sweet spot that a may niche into because I love it so much .

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I'd say one thing I'm learning is to narrow down closer and closer what it is I truly enjoy creating, and then really focus on it. Become the very best I can at that small area, and over time perhaps the focus may shift, but I'm working to go deep on some specifics now.

Be what you are....why to get influenced by other. ...

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