2000 creative coin or 44 steem for a video !

27일 전

In this video want to share that the prize of the contest is increased to 2000 creativecoin !

We are offering 2000 creativecoin, what worth 44 steem now and it's a collaborative contest from @dcooperation and @drakos.

If you want to take a look at how we will work from now, check this post : Gamification in DCooperation !

Here is the main website of the tribe : https://www.creativecoin.xyz/

All you need to do is :

To send me a creative video about what you think about steem in one minute.

The entries can be sent using this website : https://wetransfer.com/ to clixsensemoney3@gmail.com.

Let me know in the comments or in discord if you did send the video, because it can be saved on the website before I download it, only 24 hours.

You will also get 25% autoupvote from @dcooperation during the month as a prize.

You can take a look at what other steemians are doing here : @dcooperation.

Thanks a lot for @drakos one of the team of creativecoin for offering an other 1000 creativecoin for the contest.

In case only one steemian participate, all the coins will be sent to him. In case more participate, the rewards will be destributed fairly between you.

Exactly 8 days is given for that and the next sunday is the deadline !


Welcome to DCooperation community

You also can participate in this : Think about STEEM

Join us in discord here : DCooperation discord server


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I'll be sending my video in the morning lol, you funny to see you singing with the vlog hahaha


Cool. Try to make it creative please. You can cime with any interesting idea. Creativity has no limits. I sang just to make it creative. I hope participants will come with coolest ideas. :)