Vegan food from the recipe I made up ! ☺ - VEDY - 5 -

11개월 전

Today together with my wife @steemitbaby cooked a food together.

The recipe of this food is made up by me.

The meal turned out really delicious after all.

Enjoy watching the video.

It's my #vedy numer 5 ( video everyday for a year ) to promote dtube and steem on youtube.

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great to see Dtube videos like this instead of videos just talking about Steem and Dtube itself :)


haha, yeah, I talk now about a lot of topics. ☺

Thank you for showing vegan recipies for people! It is easy to #GoVegan !!


You're very welcome. :)

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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You're weclome. ☺

It does looks tasty!


It is tasty. ☺