Do you agree with the changes we may have ?

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After reading this post Reward Curve Deep Dive from Senior Blockchain Developer at Steemit, I decided to create content about that to understand the opinion of my followers and steem community about that.

So, I'm not a native English speaker and I'm not a technical guy to understand everything we will have, but I've been on steem for almost 2 years and I have my view on how steem blockchain exactly works now after the previous hard fork.

The changes that we may have in the future are :

  1. Increasing curation rewards from 25% to 50%.
  2. We will earn from the post more curation reward when we will upvote it later.
  3. We will not lose that much voting power and rc's while downvoting.

This is at least what I understand from the post from the team and you can correct me if I'm wrong.

I want as well to write my opinion about each change :

  • About increasing the curation rewards from 25% to 50%, I'm mostly positive, but only if it will really motivate more stakeholders to curate more content, because they will see it more profitable and they will not just hold that power without upvoting anyone.

  • About the second change, I think it will be good for sure, so it will motivate more people to upvote others, but not themselves. That will make more people happy, I think, and will motivate them to create more.

  • About the third change, I think it's not that good, because people may start to downvote more knowing that they will lose less from that. Of course we have spammers and abusers, but I see also a lot of downvote wars, and that may hurt the community.

Those are my ideas about the change that we may have on steem with the next hard fork.

What's your opinion on all this and do you agree with all these changes?

You can as well participate in the poll of @cervantes here : ......will you support a hardfork implementing the “Economic Improvement Proposal” or “EIP.” . It's mostly a question for witnesses, but I think that the community should also take its part.

I hope for the best for this awesome blockchain and for the community.

Whatever changes that we will have in future, I wish they will help us all.

You'r welcome to @dcooperation , the community I'm building on steem.

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The original posts seems too much complicated, thanks for the brief.

The idea of splitting equally the rewards between a curator & author will at long run project a higher no.of investors as opposed to the author benefiting from his/her content. But again we could as well see a sharp rise in no.of trending posts as the many whales will thank the system for bigger returns.

Just an opinion, may the best come.


I'm glad you liked this post. I tried to make it easy for everyone.

You are right, people can profit from any system created, but the most important that it may make it harder to abuse. I hope that change will be done for the best. We need more creators to be happy about the system, I really hope that increasing the uration rewards will motivate more whales to upvote all other steemians who are working hard to go somewhere.

These are some amazing changes i cant wait.
Steem blockchain is going step by step in the good directon.
Everyday we have some great news.

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Yeah, I'm also mostly positive about them.
I'm glad as well that we have great news everyday. ☺

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