Welcome to ''Our Steem'' in ''The Inner Blocks''

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I'm glad that show is doing well and we will be this time in @theinnerblocks community.

It's a great community created by @freedompoint .

They even have an application build on steem and that's : https://www.theinnerblocks.com

You'r welcome today to the show that's called ''Our Steem'' that breaks the boundaries between communities and promote them all. The show will be hosted in different communities to make them all collaborate.

To join the show, all you need to do is to join this discord server : https://discordapp.com/invite/JgUa6pH

The show will start at 6 pm UTC (GMT) time or 2 pm EST. Today the 29th may 2019.

We will discuss different projects in steem blockchain.

All community leaders are invited to join us in the show.

Three communities are already invited to the show and we are all promoting it and those are :

That's ''Our Steem Network'' created by us and any community, project or dapp can join this network.

It's a network of communities, to make them all work together and to promote each other.

I also invited and I'm inviting these leaders and I hope they will be there, or they can at least send an admin, a moderator, or any active member from their community to represent them.

We are also inviting @nathanmars to join us, or to ask anyone from #seven77 community, to join us and represent you.

To support at well #spud and #spud2 , I'm inviting @streetstyle or @donald.porter to come and talk about the initiative and how it's important to all steem community !

I'm also inviting anyone who want to represent any community that's not included here.

All it will take you, just about 10 minutes talking about your community and then we will give 5 minutes to the audiance to ask you questions.

I hope more communities will connect from now.

If you know any community that worth to talk about, please mention that in the comments and I will invite their team as well.

I'm also inviting all steemians I think maybe interested to join or to support us.

@calisthenicsdrop @emsonic @sp-group @robertandrew @behelen @holgerwerner @steemflow @freecrypto @soufiani @bobaphet @hafizullah @eftnow @rehan12 @mamun123456 @iamjadeline @steemitbaby @thecrytotrader @camuel @paulag @mrchef111 @jeronimorubio @clicked @ireenchew @jgvinstl @dmilliz @saiful39 @ilazramusic @zekepickleman @certain @hmetu @madushanka @mjtravel , @josediccus , @priyanarc , @dearw, @eugelys, @mediahousent , @mvd , @yanipetkov, @uyobong , @felt.buzz , @anttn ... .

We welcome more communities to join us ''Our Steem Network'' and to host the show in the future !

All steemians are invited to the show.

Let's make steem the best place to be in. ☺

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here to watch my interviews

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

Check the new project we're starting with community leaders here : Our Steem Network

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Ainner blocks killed me xD

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Don't worry, you will survive after the show. lol Even if I couldn't meet you in steemfest or @dtube.forum, I will be happy to hear from you in the show. All @ddaily members are welcome. ☺

Thank you so much for the invite

It'll be 3am in the morning Japan, So I can't join today

Next time please make it easier for me


Ok, but anyone from the community #seven77 can join. We will have always the issue of time, that's why I'm asking community leaders to recommend loyal members of the community to come and represent them. Who do you recommend to talk about #seven77 ?


I just can't ask anyone anything else because most of them are now extending the 77 Days challenge to 777 Days

I'm always thankful everyone including you

I'll personally join next time and Please enjoy the Show



What a fun show. It is always good to share @steemitbloggers/#powerhousecreatives with the masses and hear from the folks leading other communities and projects. So much neat stuff.

One of the most unique things I find with the blockchain is that we can all work together towards our goals and there is no need for competition unless it is healthy and for fun.

Thanks for putting together the show and it will be great to share the recording.

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Yeah, thanks a lot for representing such great community. I always liked to support it, because I've been a member for a long time and I have a good history. Always supported there. They are also supporing so much people and that's great. Thanks as well to @jaynie who is doing such good work. I always wanted to connect communities on steem and thanks to ''Our Steem Network'' I'm doing that now.

I see a huge future for all of us if we will stick together and collaborate. Communities are really powerful. After all they will stand for steem what ever happen and no matter what changes we will have. I'll be happy to see you in the next show. I'm looking for more communities to join our movement now.

Thank you for hosting this for the sake of all our communities, we appreciate this opportunity ❤️


You're very welcome.