Bank Confiscated Police Funds in India!! - Crypto Weekly Highlight

2년 전

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Our highlights this week:

• $1.2 million seized from crypto Ponzi scheme now stuck in frozen Indian bank
• Japanese Minister says Crypto donations to politicians are legal
• UNICEF Launches Cryptocurrency Fund
•The IRS Just Issued Its First Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance after 5 years
• Coinbase launches Coinbase Pro mobile app

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I was surprised at the beginning with the news from the Bank of India, but then I thought it could be a matter of bureaucracy and some legal detail, that is enough and sometimes they cause more absurd situations.

I was also a bit surprised by the Japanese minister, but after all, complete anonymity with cryptocurrency use is a myth today, so you could know who receives what or how much each politician receives, if any, it could be interesting have their accounts available to their constituents in order to do comptrollership.

What I liked was the news of UNICEF, I hope that other organizations worldwide also opt for the use of Blockchain technology and this increases the dissemination, acceptance and massification of it.

@coingecko, In my opinion, effective growth of Cryptocurrency Space is depending upon Mutual Support between Decentralised and Centralised System. Stay blessed.

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