The Bigger Truths Behind the News Headlines

4개월 전


James joins Luke of WeAreChange for a discussion about some of the bigger truths behind the news headlines. Why does the establishment media (and the so-called alternatives who merely chase the MSM's tail) focus on hate, fear and paralysis? Can we model solutions and cooperation? Is there a way to overcome our natural human tendencies to defend our team regardless of the truth? Find out in this far-reaching conversation.

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you are trying to explain about future of social platforms. nice.


You are trying to
Explain about future of
Social platforms. nice.

                 - parth7878

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I miss the good old days when we had muck raker journalism. They were ruthless in their pursuit of exposing the truth. I believe it was Randy Hurst who started the mockingbird media relationship with his war on hemp based gasoline alternatives. Damn you Randy, you were in bed with the Rockerfellers. You know that is evil.