Streaming Services Dropping Passwords for Thumbprints - #NewWorldNextWeek

3개월 전

This week on the New World Next Week: Patriot Act is extended while Dempublicans distract with impeachment; a (s)election simulation turns deadly; and get ready to start thumbprinting for streaming access.


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Do not comply. Send the streemers an e-mail demanding no bio metric log in or you will take your money elsewhere like Showbox, Tea TV, Popcorn, and Morph TV. These are free and you shouldnt watch their brainwashing propagand anyway.

Will be a nightmare. We have a thumb print system in work to sign in. Everyone had to sign up to it there was not choice we were told it would makes things easier. Now we just have two system. Thankfully I after slicing my thumb with the bread knife and creating a scar (not intentionally). This meant I was having problems with the recored fingerprint so managed to revert to an old fashion pin, so I am thankful but people still think I paranoid 💯🐒

look into HR 993 and read what is already prepared as base for it's implementation