The WORST Part of the Epstein Case - #PropagandaWatch

3년 전

According to the dinosaur media, the worst part about the exposure of Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking and high-level blackmail operation is that it bolsters conspiracy theories about child sex trafficking and elite corruption. Newsflash: they're trying to gaslight you. Don't fall for it for a second.


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Most alt media is still making one BIG mistake to spite all their good work. You are still not covering the alt political people and ideas ... Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Obama Obama BushBushBushEpsteinEpsteinEpstein....... How often has the alt media said these words compared to the list below ... All great distractions from the people trying to make change and if the people trying to make change had a bit of power and backing things like Epstein and so so much more might not exists "maybe"lol ... If the word Trump is said thousands of times and the list below NEVER mentioned .... are you really part of the solution or just more of the same...
Libertarian Party
Green Party
Constitution Party
Various parties calling themselves Independent or Independence parties
Working Families Party
Reform Party
American Delta Party
Natural Law Party
Progressive Party
American Freedom Party
American Party
Better for America Party
Conservative Party
Ecology Party
Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis Party
Justice Party
Labor Party
Legal Marijuana Now Party
Liberty Union Party
Moderate Party
Mountain Party
Peace and Freedom Party
Prohibition Party
Socialism and Liberation Party
United Citizens Party
United Utah Party
Unity Party
Veterans Party
Women's Equality Party
Working Class Party
Hmmm maybe they should all get together as a coalition party ..looks like every main topic covered ...might make a good party...

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Gas lighters tend to be psychopaths. They are selfish people who put their will above everything and everyone. No social norm or taboo can change their desire. The establishment use Machiavellian theory to retain and increase influence over the public. Many consider "the Mach", the father of gaslighting.
If we look at groups of people as a multi-celled organism, the establishment is a giant. A bad giant that is also a psychopath. Sleep well.

I believe the line about Eyes Wide Shut was, "It wasn't a film- it was a documentary."

It's noteworthy that many such bolsters to conspiracy theories are extant. DuTroux, Franklin, Saville, Jersey, Finders, UN, Dyncorp, John of God, Pizzagate, Praesidio, McMartin, on and on. There's so much bolstering that the idea that these conspiracies are just theoretical is utterly ludicrous. Every capitol city of every industrialized nation on Earth, and particularly all the rest, is nailed down with proven conspiracies and convicted sex traffickers being linked to powerful politicians and wealthy banksters.

That's the worst part of Epstein's exposure: it reveals the enemedia services concealing, diverting, and minimizing the very real, proven child sex trafficking and brownstone operations afflicting our governments today, and how we, wishing it were all not true, have been misled to protect the guilty. The worst part of the Epstein conspiracy is that it is one of the least malignant of the criminal networks abusing children for power. He is alleged to have paid young teen girls for sexual services, not eat babies after raping them to death - crimes that make Elizabeth Bathory look like a nun.

That's what the enemedia is hiding by throwing Epstein under the bus.