Internal Passports Come to USSA - #NewWorldNextWeek

3개월 전

This week on the New World Next Week: Internal passports come to the USSA; another insider blows the whistle on the OPCW's fraudulent report on the Douma false flag; and Saudi Arabia prepares to sell shares in Saudi Aramco.


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I hope the energy barrons dont send their death squad to silence me BUT someone should speak up. The Kingdom has much less black goo than the world believes. They are after pension funds. All the saved money that has been sitting unproductively (because of Fed 0% loans) has to seek YIELD. This Aramco scheme is perfect bait. Everyone crowds in, the stock gets pumped, giving majority share holders 4 life times of wealth and then dump. The crash will be blamed on "alien green FREE energy" so people dont feel so bad about losing their life savings. They can make toast and avocado sandwhiches with their "free energy" and Greta will be happy we have finally went green. The end.