Travel and the Law of Attraction


Hi Friends!

I'm going to do my best to post more while I'm on vacation because I think it will be a fun, creative challenge. This morning I was thinking about what topic might be fun to vlog on and was really struck by the good fortune, and energy I seem to be attracting in this trip! So many little things just fall into place.

I generally think of this state as being "in flow" with the universe. When I suddenly think I need something and then see it RIGHT there at a great price, or show up to a restaurant with a long line and get seated in under a minute, or set out to find a good coffee shop - only to find the top rated coffee shop in Anchorage right behind my hotel. It seems to be one great moment to the next!

As much as I try to tap into this state of flow when I am at home, it seems a bit more difficult in my normal routine when I have the day to day stresses and pressures. That's why when on vacation I really enjoy just releasing and seeing where the day takes me!

I hope you guys enjoy this little video as I chat about some of the fun things that have been happening on this trip! I also want to apologize for the strange video format. I have no idea why my phone recorded me in such a small window - and so I added some text around it to make it a bit more appealing. I thought about trying to re-record, but decided to share as-is. It's hard to re-create energy and I really liked the vibe of how this video turned out.

I hope you guys enjoy it and look out for some more fun content coming from my vacation too!

XO, Lea

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Do you think daily routine prevents such serendipity from happening outside of vacation?

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I think you are spot on! It’s much easier to get into a state of flow when the whole day is open for you to explore and enjoy vs. the regular routines of going to work etc.

That's awesome to be in sync with the universe.. I love the feeling as well, and have quite some successes when I could totally commit to that feeling. The past years I usually had it while on holiday though, like you mentioned it's so much easier to get in that state of mind once you're out of your normal routine and everyone is relaxed. Enjoy the holiday!

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Thank you!! It’s been such a fun trip so far. 🤗

damn I want some of that pizza


Oh my god it was some of the best pizza I’d ever had. SO good! 😍