410 SP Delegation!!

3년 전

I am giving away 410 Steem Power to one lucky @steemit subscriber for one week and all you have to do are 4 simple steps!

  1. Subscribe/follow my channel.

  2. Re-steem this post.

  3. Upvote this post with any amount.

  4. Comment on this post.

24 hours from now I will randomly select one comment with a random generator, verify that they followed all the steps and announce the winner. The following Saturday I will start the contest all over again and sunday I will take the delegation away and give it to a new winner and increase the delegation the following week.

Good luck to all of you!

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Really the best part of this community is contest and the best part is when it is random it is really a way awesome one, thanks buddy.

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Thanks for this contest! It should be interesting and fun, especially if I win!

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Será una ayuda bastante agradable para el seleccionado, te dará un poco de poder para comentar y publicar si limitaciones

What a nice contest. I'm glad to find it :)

Participating! Great contest!

ty for doing this!

Best of luck to every body

Очень хочу стать победителем!!

Good luck everyone!

I'm in once again. Thanks for the opportunities!

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Good luck everybody! 🤞

Very nice contest by you dear @cowboysblog

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Greetings, cowboy

Very nice iniciative to help us!!

I wish i win hehehe

have a good weekend!!

Let's see how lucky I am today.

Every week to be a winner become more and more interesting!

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