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DTube is definitely be a game changer. It's actually a great alternative to YouTube. I read somewhere that the streaming size is bit bigger than YouTube but it's still a great option. The similarity with the YouTube format can only benefit its adoption. I really hope the price of Steem can go up from developments like this.

I need to get on this, and I have a fully operational professional video studio in my house, just very little time now. I will be out of the country for a while, and when I return i will jump on this and why I am following everything you do, my man.

Dtube in time will kill off Youtube. If you can get the people to this platform then yes DTube is a game changer.

Youtube must take an action now, while it's not to late. Since, sit on the top of the blockchain, the possibilities are endless.

Thank You @craig-grant I just logged into DTube for the First Time and I UP Voted you. I enjoy making Videos myself and now STEEMIT gets even Better with DTube !!!
Sharing your life and your Success is a Positive way to help everyone who comes to this platform........

Blockchain technology is gonna invent brand new world. An amazing place where we could take control of everything. Youtube and all the social media out there at risk now. Decentralization process progressing too much we're gonna reshape the world

This is the game changer Craig. This is a really really big deal, I can't even articulate how important it is but you do a good job of it in this video!

Dtube looks promising, I would love to see some milestones on this project and if they accept contributions (as a dev)

So true, go Craig. Backdrops are Hollywood quality.

Hope for $10 Steem again!

It's been a little choppy on playback for me. Others have reported the same. Also, wish you could embed the video in the steemit post.


Change your gateway if you cant get video to load. Look at the top right of the screen, click the settings gear icon and then click "gateways". Keep changing the gateways around until you find one that works for you.


Hope you checked my review of dtube. I have an improvement for the future. I think the upload of the snap can be automatically.


Would be Dtube better than youtube for my videos? I was wondering what are the advantages? :)


dtube needs to be enable the ability to scrape youtube links and pull all the information into the dtube post.

Arnt you that same dude that promotes ponzi schemes like bitconnect haha? yea like ima listen to you you fucking fraud..

I dunno man, I think @Dtube needs to add something more then YouTube... But I'm not sure what... p0rn? :D

Awesome video! yeah dtube is very nice indeed, and the steemit integration is great! Because you have the blog side, and the video side steemit/dtube all in one post.

Dtube is going to be big! This is the beginning of the end for Youtube's monopoly. And it's about time youtubers found a platform like Dtube to get rewarded and treated fairly for the hard work and efforts they make.

I tried to upload a video yesterday and could not get it to work. The platform needs some work. Tess :)

I like DTube, it's the free market solution to the censorship problem that YouTube is creating on its platform. I wish that more platforms like DTube would be created so that eventually the most free speech friendly platform becomes the most popular platform and drives in the most revenue.

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this is amazing
thank you !!

If all members of steemit will use dtude apps then definitely we'll make a difference.

I would assume that Youtube will have to change or loose, sink or swim as Youtube model is obsolete.

There seems to be loading some loading bug and it just sticks, I double my internet, so I know its not that but apart from that it seems decent...they also need a little promotional team

You said it, don't know how long it'll take to take off. I understand it is still in beta and I wonder how many people are supporting dtube. I saw an interview with the guy who created it. Really smart guy but no one can support this on their own.

Good Video. I'll be getting on ASAP. Thanks.
As others said, video start / stop about 4 times


still in beta

If Dtube becomes any kind of threat to Youtube, you can bet they will call out there team of lawyers :(

Just my 2 cents

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Very interesting man. I'm definitely going to follow up with DTube and check it out. Thanks for your consistent posts in the past on one of your favorite subjects which I noticed at one time was none other than Steem. See you in another video along the walk of Life:) Cheers.

thank you!

Never heard of Dtube but I would love if it was able to rival googles youtube.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Never heard of DTube. :-)

I can't believe you guys ! All this information on things i never even heard of.
( i am new here but still ) How do you do it man?! :D my head is already spinning from all the new informations, and you keep discovering more and more "news" on them! I have seen your videos before, seems like you know what you are talking about, so i guess i better just start watching and learning ! Best.

i got hooked on the dtube. it looks like the other option called viewly is having some rollout issues with linking.

  ·  3년 전

It's a very nice easy to use app. Sharing 25% of author rewards for every video upload is a bit more than I like.

I just wrote some instructions on how to upload a video to Steem youself without a third party service like Dtube or

Keep those rewards.

Open for suggestions so I can polish the instructions some more.