Stratis Releases Full Node C# Blockchain Today Mar 13 2019! Let's Review the Price Potential!

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If you're a alt coin enthusiast who appreciates both technology and profit of blockchain, then check out this video on Stratis!

I've been following Stratis since early 2017 when I missed out on the major pump and realized the lost opportunity at a bitcoin type of gain we all hope for. By this, I mean you put in $5 and it becomes a million type of gains. Yes, that happened with Stratis and I don't believe it's too late either!

Do you think Stratis will be great again?

Stratis CEO Twitter:

If you don't have Stratis you can buy/trade on Binance!
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Why did Stratis lose so many positions on CoinMarketCap in such a relatively short period of time?

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It had a massive price increase from the ICO -

My guess is a lot of early investors slowly dumped in the bear market more so than other coins because it's been around a little bit longer than many other Binance coins.

It actually took awhile for STRAT to get listed on Binance, which I think contributed to a further decrease in the price from those early investors dumping.


Is anything specifically unique that Stratis possesses in contrast with the first 20 tokens on CMC for example?...

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It's a blockchain written and catered to c# developers. There are few that allow C# development but none specifically for it. Stratis is at least the first to the race and 80% of developers know C#

But, I'll be out after the first major pump :)

I got $4362 after searching a lot of sites I found this system

sir how are you i am big fan of you

Here another Stratis holder. I think this coin will open the doors to the big C# community. Meaning a lot of developers contributing with making various dapps.

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Oh yea they're paving the way for C# blockchain development as I see it!

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I hope it will. It is one of the dark horses in my crypto portfolio!


Oh yea, I've been holding Stratis since I've been holding alt coins. I have a lot of faith!

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