Dear Diary: I Am Just testing my Laptop's Camera


Six o'clock already and my mother went into my room to give me my soup and sandwich breakfast. The breakfast wasn't so good and the inconsistency of the one that cooked the soup made me feel disappointed about it.

Anyway, it was my tablet there above my head, it was the one that I used before I had my trusty old laptop from Lenovo which costed me an arm and a leg to buy it but it is the best investment that I ever had done because of my essential need to be online.

So here you go, this is what I do everyday, I am disabled and I cannot force myself to do anything that can injure me like a simple cooking really is a back-breaking activity. But I am happy and not depressed just frustrated and disappointed but it is my life and I have to just suck it out and sweat it off.

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When do you get up from bed? Everyday cooking will not be same tasy. You have to keep in mind, friend.

Asi es amigo @cryptopie al mal tiempo buena cara, no te molestes y disfruta de tu comida aunque no te agrade

Life is very tuff it's not to easy . I wish your best life .

Your writing painted a clear picture. You ARE doing something. You are articulate and able to share positivity to those who may be worse or better off. This is a gift. Many are unable to write as well or have the positive attitude. Keep up the great work!