Which coins will rally in the next bull run?

3개월 전

As we saw during the last bull run, along with bitcoin, there were other coin (and altcoin) prices which rallied.

I think this will happen again during the next bull run.

So when the next bull run happens, which coin prices will rally ?

Watch the video to find out.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.

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My ideosyncratic view on the bull rally this time round is:

  1. Bitcoin will get so rare (valuable) when the whole world population adopts it. A Bitcoin maximalist should have the virtue of patience.
  2. Steem has more transactions on the blockchain compared to Bitcoin. Steem is not Steemit
  3. Doge A VERY UNDERRATED coin but with a very pinnacle potential of hitting $1 per coin. (Wait on this)

The so awaited launch of the facebook crypto coin (global coin) will increase awareness and adoptability to the coins i jolted down.

Many folks will run for the Facebook coin because many institutions will buy the coin for advertisement purposes, forgetting that it is a stable coin which will only range at $1 per coin.

Bitcoin, Steem & Doge are not stable coins and they are very VOLATILE.


Yes bitcoin will get rare and valuable when the whole world population adopts it!

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Ripple will have a very good rally in the next Bull run followed by stellar and neo and veil, one of the best undervalued low cap

I think Cardano (ADA)by next year should have good run. Another one will have good run is ethereum (ETH)

This video increased my information!! Thank's for share it!

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Good calls, all those coins went up. Would have been nice if you caught litecoins nice rise, but can't get them all. Thanks for the video

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Muito bom isso ai amigo.

Las criptomonedas como el btc cambiaran el mundo y se llevaran todo lo sencillo del mundo, pero todo es un proceso y con steem sera todo un sueño el entrar en este mundo ginanciero

Ty for the advice

Good calls, all those coins went up. Would have been nice if you caught litecoins nice rise, but can't get them all. Thanks for the video

Some good coins, I like VeChain (VET), Ravencoin (RVN), and IOST for big gainers myself. Cardano I am on the fence with but definitely think good to have a small bag.

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