🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 13.04.2019

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Hello dear Steemians and Dtubers!

In this #video, I announced that HUNT token (@steemhunt) will be listed on Monday on DayBit crytocurrency exchange. In addition, I commented on the #AFIT token which Initial Steem Offering is in progress on Steem-Engine crypto exchange.

I also commented on some other news relating to the cryptocurrency market such as: "Venture Capitalist Draper to Meet With Facebook on Crypto Fund", "France Passes Bill to Allow Insurance Providers to Invest in Crypto and Tokens", etc.

Enjoy watching the #video and, please, comment!

A few words about me:
Just to let you know: I've been working professionally as a currency analyst for the last almost 13 years, and as a cryptocurrency analyst for the last 2 years.

Keep in mind, that thoughts expressed here are my own, and they should not be regarded as recommendations for any cryptocurrency trades, investments and etc.


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DayBit crytocurrency exchange for IEOs

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Thank you @cryptospa, it's very interesting to see how the blockchain technology just takes over, it does not feel like it's going very fast, but we also have to remember that the blockchain is only 10 years old.

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@flaxz, yeah, the blockchain technology is slowly slowly, but steadily going viral.

Thank you for the interesting news!

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Thank you!

thanks for update.

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Thank you!

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