My First Beatbox Video — Improv/Practice

5개월 전

I always said I'd get around to making some beatbox video content, so why not start with a simple improv/practice video? I have some ideas to do multi-tracking and make actual full songs later, but this is to get the ball rolling! Let me know what you think below with a comment :-)

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You are good

@d-pend, wow... I'm totally surprising to listen your beat box. You controlled breathing amazing. Keep going and hope to see more videos later. I tweeted your vlog.

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Hey @madushanka, I appreciate the kind words and support! Beatboxing is a wonderful craft that anyone can learn. It's a fantastic means of self-expression. Thanks again and keep Steemin' on!

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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🙏Do you have a main post where I can read more about your initiative?


Haha yeah you are asking.. we had some main posts but they ran out of date because so many changes in the last months and I know I should create a new overview about everything implemented now. I know I know..

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Hello d-pend,

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Thanks guys. Keep the Steem Engine rollin' :-D

That was crazy! Are you some kind of Roboto? :D :D


I've been accused of being an android before. xD


Better than IOS xD

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You win, I can't even whistle.

At 51, I'm at a loss for adjectives to describe what I just experienced. Beatbox ... I don't even know how to process it. I have to admit, though, there clearly is substantial artistry involved.

Great job ... I think. :-)



Lol. I think beatbox tends to be a pretty alienating art form to the "uninitiated." I also noticed that the more I practiced it, the more I could relate to the difficulty involved. There's this interesting aesthetic exchange between traditional wind/string/percussion instruments, electronic sounds, and beatboxing techniques where people attempt to mimic other sounds. Of course: It's a mouth. It'll always be approximations of other things.

The measure of artistic prowess many pros reach when they've been practicing for decades seems impossible. It looks like they're just lip-syncing to some pre-recorded track at times, haha.

I'm still not sure what the future of the craft is since it's so different from other art forms, but I have a feeling it will become more common and popular, eventually. Probably one of the most accessible applications of jt is in "loop station" creations where many sounds can be layered on top of each other to create full compositions mimicking an entire ensemble with the mouth only.

But, what's most important to me is that it's one of the most satisfying musical forms of expression as you learn more techniques and offers a very high ceiling of skill to reach over decades of familiarizing oneself with techniques, re-training the facial muscles, working out novel combinations of sounds, and improving breath control to achieve a sort of quasi-unlimited perpetual motion.

Thanks for watching and commenting!




Actually, I was quite amazed.

I thought you were playing a background track (the beat part, I guess). There is no question, it's an impressive feat. My only question is what to do with it. I actually wondered whether it could be married up with a poetry recitation (like minstrels of old using the lyre to create "background music" for their recitations).

This actually touches upon something I've been thinking about for some time ... collaborating with other Steemians of multiple talents to create "unique combinations" ... a "harmonizing of effects."


Bravo @d-pend,

Now get a glass of water.

I have only heard your unedited Beatbox a couple times. You really got it. After hearing this video I have an urge to mix the sounds. I bet you do as well.

One of my back logged projects is to put Bible verses in English and Korean to beats and finally to create animated characters to dance to the beat. I have a long way to go but this video is a great resource to discover beats and sounds.

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Wow... How much talent! I couldn't help smiling at so much facial movement, necessary but funny. I like very much.

Wow... How much talent! I couldn't help smiling at so much facial movement, necessary but funny. I like very much. Great!