I'M BACK — Quick Update Video

6개월 전

The title fairly speaks for itself. I'm planning on posting writing, images, and video content more frequently again so I just wanted to make a quick update for everybody! I was active on YouTube for a while, but I want to give priority to posting on @dtube because I love the community here. So I'll upload to @dtube several days before putting content on my YouTube Channel. Looks like it needs to be 720p for @dtube and I'll upload the higher quality to YouTube later. If you want to check out some of my past videos there I'd be honored to get some feedback on what kind of content you'd enjoy the most moving forward. As always, much love and be well!

Dan / @d-pend

P.S. Those strands of hair that refuse to be corralled into a hair tie make my inner perfectionist very unhappy indeed. I usually cut my hair around every 3 or 4 years and that's coming soon. (last time was Fall 2015 before I went to India.) If I had my way it would already be short for the Texas summer but my sister is a cosmetologist. She wants to use me for a hair model one last time so I'm toughing it out for another month or so 😎

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Welcome back! Glad to see you here.

I like the PS part about the hair going to your sister. I think it's going to be a hot summer again. I look forward to seeing what videos you come up with.

In my spare time and small allowance I've been able to buy a mic and just want to record stories to animation. I've worked the past few months playing with sound and video and animation. It turns out the most simple is the best. A lot of video editing is time consuming. Your talent is music and words, especially exploring the unseen. I recommend rap based on a point you learned and want to share or even a shot with you at the piano improvising. And by all means turn on the camera and make your impromptu video pod casts. Last but not least, just speak your poem at like an open mic in your living room. Maybe edit one photo in the background. It's you that shines through the camera not the editing.

Honestly Dtube is still slow and annoying to me. But I can see the point of building an audience here. In the rush of life it has been hard for me to see the answer that had always been there staring me in the face. Rejoice for imperfections.

Congratulations in finding a work space.


Hey @mineopoly, thanks a lot for the feedback and it's good to hear from you! That's really cool that you're experimenting with animation. I've never tried drawing images to animate but I did a lot of stop-motion animation with a cheap camera I had when I was in grade school. It feels like the imagination can really come alive in that format.

I'll definitely consider the options that you mentioned. I think once I get into a habit of creating daily again it will feel semi-effortless like it was before. The idea that simple is better certainly seems to pan out in my experience and taking a minimalistic approach to editing videos feels good to me.

Dtube definitely has its issues, but I think eventually "mainstream" platforms will be using something akin to IPFS to host videos in a decentralized way. If it's not "quite there," all the more reason to mirror the videos a bit later on YouTube, where they can be slightly higher quality and perhaps play more reliably.

Have a great day!

Welcome back and welcome in Dtube plateform. Congratulations for your fist dtube video.
I think it is more easy to put up our points of view through @dtube rather than writings.
Although your passion is writing poems.
Thank you dear sir.

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Nice to see you around these parts again.


Thanks, @moeknows. It’s good to see you, too. How’ve you been?

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I swear I admire your spontaneity...


Thank you so much for your unwavering support and the inspiration your poetry provides me 🙏

Welcome back maestro


Thank you very much my friend. Long time no talk—I hope you're doing well!

Glad to have you back bro! With the end of classes, I'll be able to post more as well. I just wish we had some of that southern warmth you've got, we have cold nights here in Pennsylvania.

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Hey man, thanks! That's good to hear, looking forward to your posts! And man, I feel for ya. I always thought I was tough and could handle winters no problem, but even the Blue Ridge Mountain winter in NC was pretty cold for this Texas boy. I actually missed the sauna-like insane heat somehow, which I couldn't believe lol!

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Really nice to have you back. I for one have missed your presence in the poetry community poetry on here:)


Thanks Pryde. I've missed all the interaction too! :-D

What the HELL happened to you??? Glad you're still alive. I've been at it full force since you went AWOL. Continued to enjoy and support your mom's posts. My favorite has ALWAYS been the music (beatbox) videos you've done in the past, as I had mentioned to you in the past. I suggest some of these music/beatbox with some video imagery (aka : "music videos") for @dtube and YouTube. Also, be sure to GOBBLE up masses of Steem now that it's still down at rock bottom price... Moon to come in the future now with @drugwars and @steemmonsters, SteemHunt, and other JUICY dApps ... Godspeed...


Thanks @transcript-junky for still supporting me!! :)


Hahaha!! Life happened, I s'pose. Glad to hear you've been holding down the fort. I definitely want to go more into the beatbox side of things in the future. It's odd, though I've been doing it for 2.5 years I feel a bit more shy about sharing it than other types of creations. I'm actually going to be taking lessons with an extremely talented beatboxer soon and using that as motivation to keep improving. Hey, and duly noted about gobbling up some STEEM. These are basement level prices for sure (wasn't that crazy when we hit 15 cents a while back?!) In even a year from now there's bound to be a pretty different picture in the cryptosphere, don't you think?


Right on. Yeah, I've been doing QUARTERLY buys of Steem (with Bitcoin). Three months ago I gobbled up 500+ Steem for 0.5 Bitcoin. This week, with the jump in BTC, I got around the same 500 Steem for HALF of that ( 0.025 BTC). Three months ago Steem was at like $0.23, and then when it went up to $0.50 a few weeks ago I sold some off for Doge. Now buying Doge in 10,000 batches, as the research is showing that in the long term it will go up substantially, and with the cost so low relative to Steem it's a good option for buying something long-term, in large enough quantities to make a substantial return over time. In this way you can diversify WITHOUT selling off Steem. If Steem and/or Doge eventually get listed on Coinbase that could be HUGE if you start buying right now. I am just sharing MY current strategy. Also, BAT is a very good choice ( $0.30 - $0.40 right now, but SURE to go up). Social media and gaming are going to be HUGE, and this is where I am suggesting people focus some of their energy and investments. Hope you will get back in the groove. Looking forward to some more beatbox pieces... @transcript-junky



Good to have you back in the saddle.

As soon as I saw that picture, my mind started mulling about how I might give you some shine about your Man-Bun. Alas, it seems that you prophetically anticipated my move.

Well played. :-)

P.S. More than a dozen attempts and I still cannot get the DTube video to play. DTube is still not ready for Prime Time. Speaking of videos, I finally made one:




Hey Quill!

Having long locks on and off for the last 10 years or so, I'm fairly used to catching subtle variations of "look at that dirty hippie!" from people's looks. It's pretty interesting psychologically how different people treat you when you're "suave and clean-cut" vs. looking "grungy." What can you say? Most judge books by their covers.

Too bad @dtube wasn't working for you. People having issues with it is why I am going to upload all of these to YouTube as well, a couple of days later. I s'pose I ought to add the link to these posts when I do so.

Anyway, here's the YouTube link to this video. I'd love to hear any thoughts you have about creative burnout that I mentioned in part of it. And I'm happy to check out your video, too! (assuming I can get it to play...)



Burn-out. For several months, I have been toying with writing a post about the soul-crushing depression that the "Steemit experience" induces. One works their ass off to create incredible quality content only to watch it, habitually, go nowhere while every manner of cheating conceivable (Whale & Witness organized and enabled) elevates complete crap into Trending (and killing Curation in the process). For those of us who are serious about creating quality content, especially of an artistic nature, this is akin to a psychological hanging and quartering. Everyday.

This is a FATAL FLAW and it will destroy the blockchain.

I've been predicting such dire consequence for some time, arguing that the moment a "viable alternative" appears, it will trigger a mass exodus of the A-Team out of STEEM/Steemit. To date, no such viable alternative has presented itself.

But that MAY be about to change. On June 1, Block.One (@dan) will make a MASSIVE announcement ... followed by huge amounts of marketing - remember EOS' USD $4 billion ICO? It is being billed as the largest development since EOS' launch. And, @dan has been teasing it for a couple of months and the consensus speculation is:

1.) The launch of MEOS (Steemit 2.0); and
2.) Biometric ID for account creation.

The latter would prevent multiple-account self-upvoting (a huge problem on Steemit). For me, the BIG question is whether it will also include the banning of bidbots? I presume it will. On Steemit, bidbots are EXTREMELY destructive ... a fact with which @dan would be intimately familiar and they are extremely easy to ban (make RUNNING and ... USING them ... a violation of the Terms of Service). Remember, biometric ID will mean one account per person so once you get kicked off, that's it.

If both these systemic cheating mechanisms are foreclosed, STEEM/Steemit is dead and EOS/MEOS will have all the pieces to quickly become the crypto-backed Facebook/YouTube replacement that STEEM/Steemit were SUPPOSED to be.

Absent cheating, Whales could only generate Passive Income via curating content (Curation Awards). In such environment, the A-Team creators will have a tremendous advantage. And, apparently, MEOS will have the ability to import content from other social media platforms such as Facebook, and presumably, Steemit. And hence, you'd have a library of content that could be easily re-published.

You'd DOMINATE the "Void" category. :-)

Of course, there will be a scramble at the beginning to "establish networks" (you can't take the "social" out of "social media"). It is from such moments of chaos that great opportunities emerge as no hierarchies have yet been established ... it will be an open field.

And so, for the 100th time, I re-iterate ... Dan, join PHC. We have a presence upon a bunch of social media platforms and EOS will be no exception.

BTW ... I'm partial to the hyphen. :-)