YouTube VS DTube - Can DTube Replace YouTube? Vlog #2

4년 전

Photo: Taken during my visit to the YouTube space in LA

YouTube VS DTube - Can DTube Replace YouTube?

Hi DTube and SteemIt community, thanks for the warm welcome on yesterdays video!

I wanted to follow up today with where I believe YouTube and DTube will be in the next few months/years and how changes to YouTube will affect DTube, in a good way!


In 2017, YouTube has made many changes to the way creators can monetize their content setting themselves up to become a subscription platform in a similar sense to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I believe we're in the early stages of YouTube and advertisers slowly not placing advertisements on community content that is easy and cheap to make.


YouTube wants to reward high-quality content creators such as Rhett and Link, Talk Show Hosts, etc. The issue is that creators spending large amounts of money to create high-quality content are seeing the same, similar, or even less revenue for the same number of views as someone creating a simple and easy to make let's play video game series.


So what does this mean for DTube? I believe this means we're going to start seeing more and more community content that becomes less monetizable on YouTube, move to other platforms such as DTube and Twitch (donations, subscriptions)

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Hi Derek! If you have time, could you make a video on whether or not new people on Dtube should stick to a niche for their content or create a variety of different videos so that they are always producing content.


Great question and fantastic topic to discuss! I will make it one of my video topics to discuss this week, thanks for the suggestion!


I would also like advice on this topic! @jkimura what are your initial thoughts?


Initially, I think it's better to be in a specific niche like in youtube, but I'm not so sure if I can continually produce content on that specific subject every day. I read your introduction post and I noticed that you have 4 youtube channels. If you had to pick only one niche for Dtube, which one would you pick to produce on Dtube?

I do see Dtube as being the next youtube or at least how youtube use to be. We are starting to see a lot of celebrities working with youtubers on promoting any new movies they make. With youtube red, I definitely agree that they are looking to compete with Netflix.

I agree buddy, the market is changing!


Thanks for the read!

It will be interesting if people shift over to DTube. I think the User Interface has to become better to stand up against YouTube.


Agreed 100%. There is a long road ahead to make the navigation and UI more user-friendly for new users. I will be creating videos about a few features that I believe should be implemented as soon as possible.


Agreed. The UI needs works. As a Youtuber myself, I find the experience on YT much smoother right now. But we'll get there!

I just posted my first DTube video today! I can see it growing substantially.