DTube Potential Grows With Latest YouTube Attack Against YouTube Creators

4년 전

YouTube recently shut down and demonetized massive amounts of kids channels in late November in reaction to advertisers fear that kids were watching inappropriate content on the platform. Unfortunately, for many creators and employees of YouTube channels affected, YouTube gave no notice or heads up and blamed creators.

The vast majority of channels were shut down or demonetized in late November and YouTube has withheld the revenue they earned and were supposed to be paid out for right before Christmas.   I have been working professionally in the YouTube industry for seven years, this scares me and has made me lose a lot of faith in YouTube. 

My history with YouTube:

Watched the platform grow as an avid viewer starting in in 2006
Content creator from 2008-2014 gaining over 200k subscribers
Production Manager for one of the largest YouTube MCN's in the world 2013-2016
Co-Founder of a small agency for YouTube creators 2016-present

DTube is still very new, but the platform gives me hope that online content creators will have the ability to grow in a community focused atmosphere instead of one focused on advertisers.

I look forward to the growth of DTube and SteemIt in 2018. 

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