Full-Time YouTube Since 2009, Why I'm Joining DTube

4년 전

Hey DTube community, I'm incredibly excited to join the party. My name is Derek and I've been working professionally in the YouTube space since 2009 and still do today.

In 2009 I started my channel, and it quickly became a part-time job and soon after a full-time job. I gained close to 200,000 subscribers across two channels from 2009-2013.

In 2013 I was hired by one of the largest YouTube Networks in the world and managed their content strategy for several owned and operated channels. I helped those channels grow from 5 million to 40 million views per month and added 1.2 million subscriptions in roughly two years.

In late 2016 I started my own company in the YouTube/Social Media Influencer space and it's going strong today.

Similar to not putting all your eggs in one basket with your investment portfolio, I believe the same for my company and that's one of the reasons I'm looking at DTube as a potential alternative to YouTube.




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Good luck. So will you post duplicate content on youtube and dtube or will each be unique?


Everything I post will be unique for DTube for a fresh start!

welcome !


Thanks! Already joined the Discord channel, looking forward to helping the community in any way!

Nice it's good to always do new things

Thats means the post on youtube will also be seen at dtube.
Creative idea there @derekhowe


I haven't actually mentioned anything on my YouTube channel yet! I stopped creating content full-time in 2013, but one I have a little more content ready to go I'll be posting an update on YouTube.

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I'd love to learn more about payouts, still very new to how it works!

I have a fairly strong YouTube channel with 11k subscribers and 1 million views I just joined steemit and started to hear about Dtube. I need to learn more!


Use both! DTube is brand new, so early adopters will be able to grow at a much faster rate.

Yes! Love the energy and vibes! So glad to see you here bro! Many great points!
I think Youtube will essentially be TiVo/Netflix in a couple years...

You are absolutely right about the energy here being similar to YT in the past - with one exception: Everyone on steemit has A VESTED INTEREST in the platform and their OWN REPUTATION... YT is famous for hit and runs - trolling was basically invented there, as well as some of the most disgusting comments - even on kids material - there is no end or limit to the depravity/trolling. Here it's a totally different story, not only is everything that you have invested/earned on the line with your reputation status - but EVERY COMMENT you have ever made is on the blockchain for all to see just a few clicks away... there can be no hit and runs - except by accounts specifically created to troll, and these will lose reputation so quickly they become worthless to maintain. So it's like YT, but no censorship, everyone gets paid, and no one has to drink bleach! Although I think we may expect much less edgier content here for the same reasons. Dtube is still in its infancy, just in the past two months there has been so many updates... and I think it will become obvious that copyrighted material is not what will be getting you paid here, like I said everyone has a vested interest to see the platform succeed.

Thanks for the video, followed!


Amazing points about reputation and trolling! I could make an entire video about the comment section of YouTube vs DTube/SteemIt I think it would make for an interesting topic to discuss.

nice. thanks for jumping ship. good luck on dtube

Hey Derek. Great story. I'm trying to make a full time living on Youtube (or Dtube) would love to learn from you. You have so much experience. I'm sure you're full of insight!

Nice! Hopefully we can make the dctrl community a little mecca of Steem/DTube use :D