Taking an 8 hour journey to give a presentation on dtube, dsound, and dlive in the capital of Nigeria. -

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hello world!

So for like a month now, @xpency kept telling me about presenting in a semiar in the capital of Nigeria, and to be sincere, the thought of travelling far that far from my location scared me.

Before coming, I told @xpenzy to generate a topic for me to speak on,the topic ''steemit extensions and their uses'' was born, and to be honest, I wouldnt have done anything different.

I must apologize, the vid is a bit short, file size too large!

I do realize that not everyone can be a blogger or a writer, and definitely, not everyone would be able to do what I do, (music production) for example.

For if we all were created different, then we all have where we shine the most.

The coming of Dapps were a saving grace, as they enable people to use the steemit blockchain, without being a blogger.

That artist, that musician, that vlogger, that gamer, that IG personality, whoever you are, whatever you do, you need not be a writer before you belong to a community on steemit.

This opens up worlds of possibility and makes people more interested in steemit, via extended content creation, not necessarily only by writing, but by being who we are.

But all in all, it was a wonderful event, lots of laughs, lots of smiles, lots of connections.

Present at the event was @ehiboss, @ejemai @gbenga @michealcj @mediahousent and many others.

It puts a smile on my face to see people being committed to a change. Working along side great minds this past year has reshaped my thinking and built skills I never had.

For one, I never was the type to give presentations, or stand in front of an audience, so even if I lose it all, I know, that I have gained due to steemit, even if its the ability to speak and be confident in front of a crowd.

Enjoy the video, as I blabber on about utilizing these platforms now that they are still in their infancy.

A funny thing happened to me before I even started my presentation

I had my power points on my phone, only for me to delete it just before I started speaking. I had to freestyle and basically use previous experience in giving the speech.

Would have posted the full vid, but damn, 3gb+ is so large its taking forever to reach upload.



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Working along side great minds this past year has reshaped my thinking and built skills I never had.

Reading your posts and the great exploits you are making inland gives me hope of a future where youths can take on leadership positions in this country and make meaningful and life-changing impacts on our society. Kudos Ehis, and thank you for showing kindness on my blogs, I do greatly appreciate your gestures.


Really ,I don't know that there is still men and women who have the will to make our county a better place until I red his post.I pray that God keep strengthen him more and more.


God will definitely do so.

@destinysaid, i couldn't believe it when i heard you guys came. I had love to meet you again. Hoping to see y'all at the next meet up in Ibadan.

Great message.. People have got to diversify steemit coz there are many tools free to the users. We can make money in many of these tools that we don't know about. I've been using dtube and now it's time to go exploit dsound and dlive to exploit all the resources available for me.
You've given us deep insight into steemit and still pumping us with more knowledge. Thank you

Wow,you have been doing so much in promoting STEEMIT in Nigeria,this is great and awesome,keep the good work and keep soaring high.

Wow excellent post thanks for sharing @destinysaid

This is some really great work you're doing @destinysaid, you might not understand the full impact but those you introduce steemit to will continue to bless you when they get on here.
Bigger you I pray.

Nice one Brov! You did justice to it. I remember such thing happening to Obama while he was making a speech the difference is just that Breeze blew away His paper

...ability to speak and be confident in front of a crowd...

Same thing with me in the time past and to some extent even today. But I thank God that we realize this shortcoming and now fighting it. Steemit is remaking us... Thank God and congratulations on the success delivery of the message.

@eurogee of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest


Mr eurogee, thanks a lot, expected you here, I wont lie, was disappointed you didnt show!


Sure boss. Was supposed to come but canceled in the last minutes.

Thanks for steemifying our country Nigeria. I really appreciate your effort ,commitment to bring peoples into this noble community .may God grant you more insight ,and perception to grow this platform as much as you can.

Even with you 'freestyling' seems you did a good job in giving the presentation. SteemOn!

Wow great. When will it be turn for Enugu nigeria. I want to be part of it


ahh, where where you when we did the enugu meetup?


So where next will you guys hit. I really want to be part of it. I want to know more about steemit and the possible ways to earn more

Lmao I would have uploaded my version for you but my phone ran out of juice just as you were about to give your talk. Nonetheless you delivered serious words of wisdom sire and i for one was greatly impacted... Bigger you I pray sire and more beats to your studio. I particularly liked the part where you said that initially you were not getting hits on dsound but then you went back and though about what you could be doing wrong, and gave your posting a different approach, like interacting more with people on the steem blockchain and also putting out quality content, also going into specifics on whatever you post like how it's done, what you need to get it done etc... Awesome meeting you sire. @dee-y over and out.


great meeting you dee-y! you remind me of masterkraft to be honest, are you sure youre not his brother. . . hmm

Upvote and resteem @destinysaid

Am really glad I was there at this particular one. You guys were simply amazing. Thanks for taking out time to be with us yesterday.

weldone boss. you are answering the best call, giving everyone a chance to survive. thanks

see them bosses oh, will be waiting for when you'll d something like this again in lagos


lagos coming soon, watch out

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Nice one!Not used to giving presentation, and then also doing it freestyle; Super! I must say, I've done many presentation in my life and I personally like freestyle the best. I dont like slides since many listeners are not really listening anymore, since they are reading the slides. I usually have a couple of slides I show, and talk around it without having the text summarised on the slides itself. I just repeat important stuff I like the listener to remember. Also, I like to listen to free style presentation more than the slide presentation, gives a more personal story. Owww, you could upload to YouTube? Or is it not possible to upload a 3GB file over there?


presentations scare me to be honest, but o well, what a man does to change his country right?

it is possible, but the time, o the time it takes, over 12 hours or more, and thats if the network is good, ill probably break it up into tiny bits and upload, thanks for looking it up!!

  ·  2년 전

owww, wow 12 hours is a lot and a lot can go wrong while uploading. maybe downscaling the video resolution first? is that an option?

The presentation was made by bosses. My boss thumb up @destinysaid