Vlog#54: "Calculated Risk Pays Rich Dividends"

8개월 전

Hi dtube, dtubers and steemians!!!! This vlog is on the value of calculated risk that we must take in different spheres of life. When it comes to investing money either in share market or in cryptomarket, one must consider all the pros and cons before taking the risk. This principle is also applicable to different DAPPS of steem blockchain such as dtube, Steemit, dlike, ActiFit and Appics etc. Hope you like this vlog. Do upvote and support. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

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super unknown infos [....] fortunately you are informing all with those useless steril words, thanks to god you exist!!!!


Thanks for the views... I have a great regard for your viewpoint.

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Love the scenery you chose for the video and a very important message you shared with calculated risks but I don't agree with how you said profit is assured 100%; nothing in life is ever 100% imho. However bullish I am about Steem or anything else for that matter, I would never say it's a 100% chance to profit.

There is always a possibility for black-swan events for example.

Have a good one,



That was my view but I also said risk has to be calculated. However steem will surely see a new high. It's hundred percent sure. Still I value your view too. ....

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Great video @devkant79, and I do agree you should buy when prices are low, have an awesome Wednesday.

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That is great!, thanks for sharing with us.

Awesome! Thank's for information

thanks for the info bro

thanks for the info bro

nice work bro keep makin vids good energy