Vlog #79: "Be Adaptable to Live Happily"


Hi Dtube and Steemians !!! This vlog is on the significance of adaptability as a great virtue that one must have to live happily. One should not be rigid or inflexible as far as taking decisions is concerned. Adaptability enables us to adjust according to the circumstances of life. Do upvote and support. Thanks a lot!!!!

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I completely agree with this thought and mindset about adaptable attitude. Adaptability and flexibility is a good quality that everyone should have but in case one don't have then they have to face many problems everywhere. Being flexible with the change and ready to adopt attitude resolves many problems automatically. It's applicable everywhere- be if the workplace or even in our family life. Sometimes it's better to agree with someone's view even if they are not right and it saves lots of energy and time. Even if you don't agree then I think we should not argue and keep ourself away for a moment. This trick also works and I have tried it many times.

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Thanks for a great video @devkant79, being adaptable and flexible is very important, both when it comes to problems that we are facing and with other people, and it also allows us to see opportunities that others might have missed, I wish you an awesome day.

Thank you very much for sharing this great advice @devkant79, being flexible and adaptable is very important for human relations to be healthy and for creating success, it's awesome.

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