Vlog #49: "Future of Steem as a Cryptocurrency"

8개월 전

Hi dtube, dtubers and steemians!!!! In this vlog, I have spoken upon the bright future of steem as a cryptocurrency. My views are not at all personal but based on a study done by cryptoground. com that has shown how steem will gradually rise to become a market-leader in the long run. Hopefully you'll like this vlog. Keep upvoting and supporting me. Thanks a lot!!!!!

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Thank you very much for supporting Steem @devkant79, you are awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thank you for this information @devkant79, personally I think it will go much faster, but let's see what happens, have an awesome day.

you even don't know the present, what can you tell someone about the future?


Thanks ... You're welcome

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