Cheog Forest - A Little Known Location In North India


Hi Dtube and Steemians!!! This short video showcases the natural beauty of a lush green forest in the vicinity of my native place called Cheog in North India. It is a captivating location about 28 km from the city of Shimla that is also known as the Queen of Hills. This video clip will surely make it clear to you why Shimla along with its surroundings are fit to be called Queen of Hills. The forest does look like a gift from the mother earth and that's what it really is. There is no denying the fact that natural resources like forests are the real wealth that we must be proud of. One can earn as much money as one wants but there is no substitute to such a valuable bounty of nature. Here it is important to note that this dense forest is situated at a little known place in North India. Such places and locations must be brought to the notice of people who love sightseeing and are fond of traveling. This place is not at all a densely populated one with nothing but the objects of nature all around. People here still live simple lives without in anyway being affected by the sophisticated city life. Their peaceful lives are undisturbed by the noise and din of cities. People grow vegetables and other crops for livelihood. This makes clear that they are self-dependent and self-reliant. During the summer season, this location is far from hot and visiting this heavenly place is like inhaling a breath of fresh air. The cool air blows from morning to evening to keep you invigorated. And during the winters, the forest remain covered with snow as this place receives heavy snowfall. The beauty of this amazing location goes to an altogether another level, thanks to the almighty for having blessed this place with white beauty called snow. At the end of the video, you will see local people working in the hilly fields. It will give you an insight into how they live and grow vegetables near a dense forest. Do upvote and support. Thanks a lot!!!

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India has awesome and beautiful places and we should try to visit as many as possible to learn and experience different culture. You are doing such a great work in the platform and through Dtube you are sharing great videos of nature. I just love the way the you capture the nature in your camera and your explanation about that.